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Author Iva Seto; David Johnstone; Jennifer Campbell-Meier
Title Experts' sensemaking during the 2003 SARS crisis Type Conference Article
Year 2018 Publication Proceedings of ISCRAM Asia Pacific 2018: Innovating for Resilience – 1st International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management Asia Pacific. Abbreviated Journal Iscram Ap 2018
Volume Issue Pages 44-55
Keywords crisis informatics; public health crisis; SARS; social sensemaking; organisational learning
Abstract This paper depicts the real-time sensemaking of experts as they worked to combat the first emerging disease of the 21st century: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Newspaper data was analysed from the 2003 SARS crisis, with a Canadian perspective, to follow the process of solving the puzzle of this emerging disease. Retrospective sensemaking is a process that is triggered by the unexpected, which leads to actors gathering information (taking action) in order to consider possible interpretations for the unexpected event. Disease outbreaks serve as sensemaking triggers, and actors engage in retrospective sensemaking to find out the factors involved in how the outbreak happened. Prospective sensemaking (future-oriented) is employed when actors work together to plan how to combat the disease. The newspaper data demonstrate that retrospective and prospective sensemaking are tethered: to make plans to combat a disease, actors first require a collectively agreed upon understanding from which they can generate possibilities for a crisis response. This paper contributes to the field by providing concepts for long-duration crisis sensemaking, as the bulk of organisational research focuses on acute crises such as wildfires, or earthquakes.
Address Victoria University of Wellington; Victoria University of Wellington; Victoria University of Wellington
Corporate Author Thesis
Publisher Massey Univeristy Place of Publication Albany, Auckland, New Zealand Editor Kristin Stock; Deborah Bunker
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Track (up) Resilience to cope with the unexpected Expedition Conference
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