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Author Anying Chen; Zhongliang Huang; Manchun Liang; Guofeng Su
Title Empirical Study of Individual Evacuation Decision-making in Fire Accidents: Evacuate Intention and Herding Effect Type Conference Article
Year 2020 Publication ISCRAM 2020 Conference Proceedings – 17th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management Abbreviated Journal Iscram 2020
Volume Issue Pages 200-209
Keywords Fire Accidents, Evacuation Experiment, Evacuate Intention, Herding Behaviors.
Abstract People's decision of evacuating or not could greatly influence the final losses in fire accidents. In order to study people's response under emergent occasions, a fire accident evacuation drill experiment was conducted in an office building without advance notice. 113 Participants' response and their decision-making process were collected by questionnaire survey right after the experiment. In this study, we mainly focused on two aspects of people's response, including participants' evacuate intention and their herding tendency during evacuate decision-making. It is found that the classical Expected Utility Theory (EUT) has certain limitation in explaining individual's evacuation intention, but the relationship between the expected utility and the evacuation intention could be represented with a modified model based on EUT. Furthermore, the herding tendency is found to be different for the two groups of people who intend to evacuate and not to evacuate. People who firstly intend not to evacuate are more easily to form herding behavior and change their minds to evacuate. Based on these findings, models of individual evacuation intention and herding tendency for two groups of people are put forward. Simulation is conducted to investigate the effect of these two changes in people's evacuation decision-making process, and results show that they both increase the final evacuation rate, reflecting the majority's risk aversion characteristics.
Address Tsinghua University;Tsinghua University; Tsinghua University; Tsinghua University
Corporate Author Thesis
Publisher Virginia Tech Place of Publication Blacksburg, VA (USA) Editor Amanda Hughes; Fiona McNeill; Christopher W. Zobel
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ISSN 978-1-949373-27-19 ISBN 2411-3405 Medium
Track (up) Analytical Modeling and Simulation Expedition Conference 17th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management
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